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Heidi Schreiber-Pan

Explore the insightful world of Dr. Heidi Schrieber Pan, a renowned therapist and author specializing in anxiety and stress management. Her writings blend scientific acumen with a soulful approach, making complex psychological concepts accessible and relatable. Dr. Schrieber Pan's work, rich in resilience, mindfulness, and the therapeutic power of nature, offers a beacon of understanding and empowerment for both individuals on their mental health journey and professionals in psychology. Her transformative literature serves as a crucial guide in the pursuit of mental clarity and well-being.

Heidi's Story

Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan, Ph.D., LCPC, stands at the forefront of mental health and nature-based therapy as a distinguished psychotherapist, the Executive Director of Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative, and the visionary founder of the Center for Nature Informed Therapy. Renowned for her groundbreaking work in integrating environmental elements into therapeutic practices, Heidi has emerged as an influential figure in modern psychology.

Her journey in mental health is marked by a profound understanding of the human psyche, especially in the realms of anxiety, stress, and resilience. Heidi's expertise is not confined to clinical settings alone; she extends her knowledge as a sought-after international speaker and trainer. She has carved a unique niche in the mental health community, advocating for the interconnection between nature, neuroscience, and emotional well-being. Her popular book, "Taming the Anxious Mind – A Guidebook to Relieve Stress & Anxiety," reflects this philosophy, offering readers practical insights into managing anxiety through a blend of scientific understanding and holistic approaches.

Heidi's commitment to mental health extends to her roles as a consultant and lecturer. She frequently collaborates with professionals in the mental health sector and engages with diverse audiences in corporate and public settings. Her workshops and lectures delve into the intricacies of anxiety, occupational burnout, and the restorative power of nature on the human mind. By fostering an understanding of how our relationship with the natural world can profoundly affect our mental health, she provides invaluable tools and strategies for individuals to achieve a harmonious balance in their lives.

Dr. Schreiber-Pan's work is not just about treating symptoms; it's about transforming lives. She empowers people to rediscover their inherent connection with the environment, thereby unlocking new pathways to healing and resilience. Her innovative approach to mental well-being has not only brought solace to many but has also paved the way for future explorations at the intersection of nature and mental health.

In essence, Heidi Schreiber-Pan's story is one of passion, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to improving mental health through the therapeutic power of nature. Her contributions to the field continue to inspire and heal, making her a true beacon in the landscape of modern psychotherapy.

Heidi's Recent Books

Taming the Anxious Mind Front Cover

Taming the Anxious Mind: A Guidebook to Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Publishing Date: 

February 20, 2019

The Outside Within Front Cover

The Outside Within: Stories of nature's role in psychological well-being

Publishing Date: 

March 20, 2023

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